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The Mudroom

30g aquavit + 30g bourbon + 10g marachino + 20g sweet vermouth 45g gin + 10g gr chartreuse + 22.5g lemon (too much unless it’s Meyer + orange bitters) {60g spicy bourbon, 22.5g lemon, 15g honey syrup} is a gold rush, i.e. a winter version of the bee’s knees Proper conditions for a negroni: 60g

Biking to CBG

From HP to CBG’s Bike the Garden event.  To and from, with three laps around the campus, makes for 14.5 miles and one tired nine-year-old. The ridge across our east-west path is the edge of the Highland Park Moraine, and it’s about a 50′ elevation change.  More about that local geography here.