Graph My Run – run useful and analysis (locally) on a (local) gpx file

WebPlotDigitizer – upload an image of a graph in order to estimate the underlying data

Unicode Shapecatcher – draw a character in order to identify the best-match unicodes for it (detexify does the same for LaTeX)

RGB Color Codes Chart – look up a color in RGB

pdfcalendar – customize a simple calendar, and download it in pdf

IMSLP – public-domain sheet music


Biking to CBG

From HP to CBG’s Bike the Garden event.  To and from, with three laps around the campus, makes for 14.5 miles and one tired nine-year-old.

The ridge across our east-west path is the edge of the Highland Park Moraine, and it’s about a 50′ elevation change.  More about that local geography here.

kml from GPS

Gordon the Hound

In memoriam, 2001(?)-2016.


Remember that time when we left the garden alone for an entire weekend?

garden cucumbers
It’s a cucumber year.  Pickling cukes, though soon enough those become munching cukes and salad cukes and target-practice cukes.

Good garlic, too, and a fair number of big multicolored tomatoes.  The jury’s out on the tomatillos; depending how many growing weeks remain, we might have 10 or 20 or 150.

We also conclude the weeks of cake bounty, as illustrated by mister 3 and his “here’s my cake, what are you having?” expression.

L third birthday cake


Nearing the end of September, the harvest is still going well.  Frequent, large toms, return of the occasional strawberry, and – maybe – a successful eggplant?   We have begun overgrown-yellowing-mushroomy season. 

Last year’s strawberry box is weathering elegantly.    Go go grow!