SNMMI 5k 2016

It’s been some time since I (1) ran, (2) ran a race, or (3) imported a GPS track into Google Earth for the purpose of a post tagged “race report”.

Along the waterfront in downtown San Diego.  Chip time 5 km in 24:06 (7:45 pace).

san diego 5k



Training 2016-Jan

In 2015, some running, here and there; one charity 5k, 25:16 and 9/50 AG.  Some biking, here and there; 463 commuting miles.  (Once upon a time, that would have been $90 of gas money.  Now it’s not enough electricity bill to cover bike brake pads)  TRX class, yoga, boot camp at work.  Just enough TRX and bootcamp in order to survive intro classes at the local CrossFit.

I still need a spreadsheet setup in order to own my data sufficiently.  (And, exercise is all about data provenance.)  Until then, notes, here,  Edit, all spreadsheeted.  First 15 crossfits, which means PRs for everything!  I’m starting to learn how much weight to lift up at a time, which may make watching the summer olympics more fun.  Caveat: I think I was too oxygen-addled on several of these to sum the weight, so let’s call them all ±20.  (Note: \pm character found using the very useful ShapeCatcher site.)

  • Deadlift: 265 (215)
  • Snatch: 105 (95)
  • Front squat:
  • Back squat: 185 (135)
  • Overhead squat: 95
  • Bench press: 170 (145)
  • Shoulder press: 95 (75)
  • Clean: 165 (145)
  • C&J: 145 (105)
  • Push Jerk: 155 (95)

Plus, a 1/31 bike ride on the luxury-bike, 20-mi loop to Lake Bluff.  41 and rainy with some residual ice and snow on the corners.  Now I hope I can find the photo I took of luxury bike leaning up against the shop-loaner BMW I was driving a while back.

Edit: found! 


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Bicycle out. Every layer of clothing, also out.
Vegetables sprouting.
Freshly-washed rugs drying. Happy spring, backyard skunks!




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New commute

Old commute, 2 miles, -198 ft. elevation.  New commute, 13 miles, net -2 ft. elevation (although there is a low point at -50′ and a high point at +10′).

The ride is nominally westward, and there are various ways to pass the requisite checkpoints: in order – crossing the Skokie Highway, the freight line, the MD-N commuter line, interstate 94 and the Des Plaines river.  Depending on the route, some (but not all) of those can be made relatively stress-free and dry.

Here’s what my bike saw  at the Skokie, MD-N and Des Plaines today.

3 2 photo


Photo update: riding home, across the same train tracks.  Even at modest, approach-path speed, a moving train is an impressive creature.


A short Sunday tour

Except that it’s Saturday; on the bike after many weeks, I eschewed an agressive ride in favor of a bit of urban exploration. I found a gaggle of hipsters at Ingenuityfest, a swarm of supporters at Browns stadium and a school of skullers on the river. “Head on the Cuyahoga” regatta, says a bystander?

Phone snapshots, quickly cropped and recolored using Snapseed.



Five ways to run five miles

Is there a good website for overlaying routes, or gps tracks, in different colors? This is closest I found, using ridewithgps.

Selected (for visual impact!) from routes used by the weekend running crew this year.

  • Through Ambler Heights, down 100′  in mile 2
  • Past Severance Hall (-250′) and President Garfield
  • Through Coventry Village, Cumberland Park and Cain Park (±50′ several times)
  • Around John Carroll (+200′)
  • Up the Shaker Lakes and around Horseshoe (+100′)

Talk about visual impact; I borrowed the <background-color:> abuse from 1995.


This weekend’s 5-miler run takes us through the beautiful Lakeview Cemetery.  (Aside: I can’t believe how long I lived in Cleveland before discovering it.)

That via Google Earth (with “elevation exaggeration” turned on).  On the left side of this view is Euclid Avenue eastbound (upward), which really means northeast-bound, as we align to the lakeshore in these parts.  Parallel to it is the ridge that separates the Heights from the city.  It’s the ridge that provided most of our run elevation, too.

River Run 2011

A one-way (generally Northbound), organized half-marathon on the west side.  In the view following, downtown Cleveland is in the upper left.  Hopkins is near the route (though one wouldn’t know from the course).

Northbound also means an overall elevation drop: about 170′, although between the intermittent ups and downs (I recorded +360, -530) and annoyingly cambered sweepers, this was not an easy race on the lower eighths.

For me, in at 1:53 (an 8:37/mi average pace) and 312/900 overall (32/56 AG).  The last two miles were a good and painful push at that.  (Mantra: running slower will make it hurt longer.  Mantra should have been: there’s Mitchell’s at the end!)  As a super-bonus, the missus and I both got to run this one, sans stroller.  I felt like a streamlined butterfly.

Finally, a suspiciously-low-resolution action shot.  Um, I’m the taller one.  Cheers.