Photos 2

Recently, I went to Japan.  Then, I went to Korea, and then I went to Japan.  Finally, I went to Japan. Here are some photos: [link to Flickr] After my first dinner, I wrote down a list.  In retrospect, I think we were being impressed with Kaiseki-style meals. Things I (think I) just ate Unidentified tentacle


Winter hangs on, in a twenty-knots-to-remind-you-that-this-pig-didn’t-build-a-brick-house kind of way. Another Sunday, another simmering afternoon. Chili, of the both-beef-and-beans variety. Oil to cover the bottom of the soup pot. One big onion, sliced and softened. Add a metric boatload of garlic, since the stuff from fall harvest has run out and you had to pick up

First harvest

A warm and early season this year. I suppose the actual first harvest was their scapes, but even these bulbs were done by the beginning of July. I think these are Armenian hardneck, our backyard’s second generation. That’s an iphone photo, by the way. To compensate for having no depth of field from its, what,

Run & bread

Six miles with the brunch group this morning, with our attempt at a track workout thwarted by some sort of organized sporting event at the neighborhood junior high.  (On a Sunday morning!  Someone’s not in Texas anymore.) The morning’s toast was the (approximately) the following recipe; jams were a concord grape (a backyard fruit in

City Fresh 16 & 17

  Plants.  The carrots are plentiful and particularly fresh-tasting.  Few designs on those fall squashes starting to pile up, given that the baby-food production line is mothballed this time around. More plants.  Nothing particularly unusual, except for that head of cauliflower’s unusual deliciousness when roasted whole. In related news, we also steamed up some young soy,


Perhaps this is actually a food photography blog, and no one told me. Here, a trilogy of summer bread-baking notes.  First, corn grits make for a beautiful, stew-dipping texture. This boule was baked in the 7-qt Le Creuset (or, rather le 7-qt creuset?), because when you have a pot like that, you use it for