Olympics, running commentary

Holding on to this one for perpetuity.

E: Is that a man or a lady?
J: That’s a man.
E: Then why is he wearing that shirt?
J: What do you mean?

E: If I did that, I would fall on my helmet.
J: How can you even *be* a beginner in this sport?
E: Whoa, she was pretty slow.
J: She’s from China. Now China is in nineteenth place.
E: And, she *doesn’t* have a beard.

Xmas card 2012

A happy holiday to us all. You may note by comparing to last year, that we selected the “family growth without room” card this round.

This year’s photo taken after-hours at the music settlement, with a Canon T3i and some modern descendant of a nifty fifty. Photoshopped just enough to clean the spit-up from selected shoulders. We also ran a few prints of this at Dodd Camera, who did a fine job.

In related news, the Lounge at WYC/CHO is spruced for the season.



We went on an evening walk. J was looking for leprechauns: “If I found a leprechaun, I would ask him for two wishes:
1. I’d like a pedal bike.
2. I’d like a spell that would make me live forever.”

Xmas card 2011

Here we are, amongst the pines and roseate spoonbills. Cheers to all.

A low-effort (high-efficiency?) card.  Photos were full-auto on the DMC-G2 balanced on a bucket.  Collage constructed using the automatic feature in Picasa.  Text added in powerpoint.

Energy audit, part 2

I was reminded of three things on the approach path this evening:

  1. Last weekday before DST, and the last daylight commute home for some months.  Time to pull out the retroreflective ankle straps (which I can’t believe local hipsters haven’t yet adopted as regular fashion… maybe next year).
  2. It’s time to execute winterization procedures around the house.
  3. I’ve never posted a picture of a cat on the the internets! [*]

Thankfully, our neighbor likes to snuggle up against heat leaks.  When I caulk this one, she’ll move to the windowsill.

[*] This site, however, has been up for fifteen years.  Fifteen.  Years.  (Back when arbitrary names for personal webpages were all the rage.)

City Fresh 9

Today’s take seemed smaller than the list indicated.

Clockwise from two o’clock: hot peppers and still-a-bit-tart applies; toms and a garlic; cuke and cabbage; herb; herb; zucc and melon; kales and beans; eggplants and an onion; pattypan, a pint [*] of blackberries and a phalanx of what I would call pear tomatoes.  Bibb at the origin.

[*] It did look like a pint when we picked it off the distribution table.  I had company from E for a 5-miler tempo run with the veggie pickup near the end.

(The jogger is a pickup fixture; it comes along almost every week, in front of me or behind the bike.  I’m okay being Burley guy; I do not want to be short-shorts guy, so I’m careful with my running outfits.)

But I digress.  The point is, I just don’t know what happened to the other half of the blackberries.

A postscript: this shot reminds me how happy I am to be shooting with a half-sized sensor (as opposed to a miniature digital sensor… I’m sure I’d be even happier with full-frame) for the depth-of-field.  This, with the G2 and ~25 mm focal length.  (I liked the looming-head look, so although the bags are still too in-focus, I think the contrast between subject’s right side and the distant background draws.  Five or six shots of the same composition in rapid succession, just to avoid blinks.)

Ready for our close-up

… a photoessay documenting neighbourhood happenings.

We live on a small street.  Fourteen addresses by my count, and packed pretty closely together at that.  So, a big-studio movie crew moving in for a few days was pretty exciting.  It began harmlessly enough: suspicious folk in hats or beards, delivering very-early hallowe’en decor and, apparently, shrubberies.

Before long, there were child actors delivering lines on motortrikes.  (I’m not sure if these were for two different scenes, or if the crew got tired of pulling and used a trailer instead.  Or, maybe I am, and I’m sworn to secrecy.)

Exciting for neighborhood children to watch, nonetheless.

As the sun set, it was replaced by giant and well-lit screens outside the windows, for continuing work on interior scenes.

And, a variety of lighting scenarios for outdoor (night-time) scenes.  I wonder where we can rent some of these diffuse globes for our next block party?


Finally, an unusual view of the street, upon returning from dog-walking.