Music in 2013

Some pop music highlights from last year.
Chvrches, The Blow, Lorde and Haim. Lily & Madeleine. Not Savages, although I see the attraction.
Bill Callahan, The National and San Fermin. And, if I fire up the stereo before breakfast, I can hop right on those vocal ranges.
Tim Hecker, Sigur Rós, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and one other brooding album of electronic soundscape. Was it Darkside? Playing these was easier than diagnosing that intermittent ground loop hum.

Only for the Callahan did I purchase an actual album (and, at that, only a direct-from-artist download). For everything else, it’s just a 320 kbit stream via MOG – a service that will be defunct shortly. Whither next year? I predict a seat on the vinyl renaissance bandwagon, complete with 7-foot-tall, reinforced, damped and big-boots-proof turntable stand.

Daft Punk took on more spins than any other record. (They’re new; you probably haven’t heard of them.) House-cleaning day, cocktail hour and dancy-dance time take up, altogether, an awful lot of stereo time – and those robots cover all three styles. On the occasion that more robots were needed, Deltron 3030 took some time in the rotation.

Where I find tunes:
Walking the dog, when I listen to Sound Opinions, All Songs, MTM or Musicheads.

Where I’ll find all the stuff I missed:
Pazz & Jop 2013
NPR Jazz critics’ poll
Pitchfork top 50

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