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Weekend notes, February

Swim lesson practise Friday 6:15-7:00. Swim lesson Saturday 11:05-11:35, after shoveling gobs of early morning powder out of the van’s path. Our street is among first and more frequent on the plowing list, so there’s no hope beating the plow-in. Sunday 10:30-11:30, swim lesson practise again. It’s a we-like-swimming week; not all weeks are.

I woke up Sunday to the sounds of J and E playing cribbage and S brewing up some beans from Hansa. After breakfast, J scooted off to extract facts about Penguins from library books. E traces some dot-to-dots. L, recovering from a sniffly nose, became sleepy.

For the third or fourth consecitive week, Sunday temps decline steadily to a well-below-zero Monday morning. Unusually cold and snowy, the locals claim, as they slide their Teslas around town.