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Weekend notes, April

4/00: One of the authors is lain up with ebola.  Or maybe a cold.  The rest of us spend the weekend ploughing through fall overgrowth in the back 40 like Ozymandias through butter.

4/12: Saturday morning, a Guatemala Asobagri from Hansa.  Note to self: when in doubt, do not purchase central american coffees.  Swim lessons in the morning, bicycle riding and kite flying in a 70-degree southerly at Independence Grove.

Sunday’s update is a guest post, courtesy of a local citizen.

First, the name of our list: “E’s favorite things at the Field Museum”.  The dinosaur that maked noise.  You pushed a lever and then it would make a trumpeting noise.  That’s one.  Going to the pyramid.  I liked seeing the mummy.  Um, what do I tell about that?    It was under the pyramid, and it was sort of wrapped in a box (the mummy box).  I liked the teepee.  The teepee’s furniture was made out of a buffalo skin.  I liked the mammoths.  I liked playing around that I was plunging animals into sticky tar.  I liked seeing the totem poles.  It seems like that’s the end of my list.

4/18 and a three-day weekend, discounting the time Friday spent glued to my laptop. Saturday a Game of Life during mme’s long run; swim; backyard baseball; lumberyard trip with E, who delighted in the forklift. A ride to the shop for a satchel of Passion House’s Guatemala El Rincon. Easter scavenger hunt featuring plastic eggs of clues and jellybeans at the end. Much of the day outside, sodding and tilling for a new garden. Or, as reported by local neighbors, a garden once-upon-a-time that we’re recreating. Buried rebar posts confirm. Boxes for raised beds constructed and awaiting fill soil, before the tomatoes can be transplanted and report, we is risen.

4/26: Friday, an evening of genuine grown-up interactions in support of Community.  Saturday backyard baseball (citizens’ choice, nearly every time) and a mustache mug of RCS house blend.  Swim.  An afternoon drive to the local transducer shop, as a part of outfitting the living room for all senses and seasons.  A chilly family dog walk around the Sunset Park south loop.  Sunday, a morning bike ride (i.e run-beside) with E, and later morning swim with J, an afternoon bike ride with E and J.  Following, a superb stout (BA link) and some stretching of the bike-riding-teacher muscles.