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Weekend notes, May

5/3: Dirt. Also, Hansa Ethiopian. More dirt! A baker’s four yards, wheelbarrowed down the neighbors’ driveway, across the hostas and down to the back 40. The Fitzgerald & Pass albums, to exercise the new 1.7/4BST setup (still sans furniture). Sunday, outside play and delivery of the balance of the dirtpile to neighbors’ ground under repair. “Swimming practise” (a.k.a. swimming), followed by leftover kale salad and potato salad for noonsies. An introduction to Ticket to Ride. Completion of dirt rearranging, planting and transplanting. Carrots, chard, pole beans, cukes, peas, squashes from seed. Beets too, but those seeds looked suspiciously unlike beets. From seedlings, raised in the mud room since late winter, toms and tillos, asparagus, ground cherries, eggplants. Pencil sketch of layout, to appoximate scale, by young J.

5/10: Additional gardening, the usual Saturday routine complete with post-swim bagels from Once Upon.  Sunday, the usual 8am pickup for ORD-NRT and the rest of the weekend folded up in 38G.

5/17: Eastward jet-lag recovery (which, ugh, stretches well into the following week).  Grand discussions of period-appropriate replacement window designs.  Rearrangement of the GTI (in and out for its annual something-worth-$1000-breaks) and 944 (this time, an increasingly fiddly ignition cylinder and oops-is-this-battery-dead-or-just-discharged).

5/24: Super-bonus weekend, with both Friday and Monday dark at the office.  Grandparental visitors from the enchanted city, who joined us for Friday swim practise (i.e. pool play) and watched lessons on Saturday. Saturday night, a Saturday night! To wit, dinner for two at Atwood followed by Britten and Shostakovich (7) at the CSO’s house. Sunday, an early bike ride to Lakefront Dr. to examine the nature of Ride the Drive. (Registration fee and photo ops? Not exactly Critical Mass.) Following, bruches at Walker Bros. Monday, a morning hike and birding at Fort Sheridan, and a short adternoon playtime at the beach.

5/31: Saturday morning, french toast, coffee and cribbage. No swim, lessons having switched to weekdays given J,E’s promotion to levels 2,3.