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Weekend notes, June

6/7: Mid-morning visitors from Rocky River, early-afternoon bike riding and climbering at Sunset Woods. Grand discussions of the hole in our garage roof, who should repair it and how, at the short-term expense of State Farm.  Afternoon flight to St. Louis. Should I have taken Amtrak? Yes. Sunday, flomming around the arched city in my new suit (which, though not particularly fancy, puts my other new suit, purchased four years ago before the same annual conference, to plasticky shame).

6/14: Hearty breakfasts and a round of standby PH Guatemalan. Road trip to bustling East Troy, Wisconsin for a weekend of sun(screen), life(jackets) and beer(coolers full of kids’ juice). First canoe, kayak and motor-propelled party-barge ride for each boy, each activity either generating grins or building character. “Hey kid, want to learn how to gut a fish?”

6/21: Saturday morning, gentle toast with no coffee at all, noting that the grown-up population is still recovering form a mid-week somethingvirus.  Garage cleaning, drying and folding protective plastic from the roof and attic, shuttling in-between outdoor toys up the stairs, sorting the heap of sundries on the garage’s continental shelf onto organized, smaller piles on the tall shelves.  E to gymnastics class mid-day.  Outside play followed abruptly by a spectacular afternoon thunderstorm, two inches of rain in an hour flooding Green Bay Road and revealing old landscape patterns: a lake in the neighbor’s front yard, a waterfall down the side yard, a stream diagonally across our back lot and toward the old wetlands two doors down, still featuring giant willows, before burbling down toward the ravines.  Still enough daylight, on this solstice day, for the birds to return afterwards before an 8:30 sunset and plenty of twilight thereafter.  Sunday, E to practise swimming at the city pool at 10:30 sharp, followed by lunch and then an afternoon exploration of the headwaters of the Chicago River at the Greenbelt preserve.  Cool, sunny, waterfowl and treefowl, little frogs, and the very end of our 2-mile loop closed by a solid (well, liquid) four feet of water.  In all, then, a longer walk than planned, but a nice view of waxwings and orioles, with a bonus signpost explaining the role of GBR as marking the sub-continental divide.

6/28: A largely relaxing Saturday, the house still reasonbly tidy from Thursday’s visit by Other Jeff. Everyone to gymnastics: E to participate, J to watch a bit of Wimbledon on the waiting room monitor and dig through a tome of baseball-themed fiction, L to run laps around the grassy field outside. An evening walk with Gordon around the Lincoln-Railtrail loop. Sunday, a morning beach trip to Park Ave., only to find the post-deluge bacteria warnings. Home for a bit of Catan Junior, basement play, an afternoon trip to the Aquapark, haircuts for everyone.