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Weekend notes, July

7/4: Toast and RCS blend.  Morning parade-watching in town, followed by lunch and the Fourth Fest with bouncy tents and pony rides for all.  Afternoon play, collaborative supper of poached eggs and CSA kale on cornmeal waffles, and backyard calvinball.  Late-night fireworks adventures as J and S set up in the Target parking lot, and I ride over to the bike bridge for a mostly-clear view with the tripod and 55f2.

Saturday, a coffee pickup joined by L in the bike trailer. Gymnastics. Lunch al fresco. Afternoon walks to town, for errands at the bike shop and sporting goods store. Brisket and beets for supper.

Sunday, we all caught up TDF with yesterday’s stage 1 summary video. Then,
J: We played footbasketballball.
E: Then, we went to the aquapark.
J: I went with (dad) into the practice swimming area. It was a very wide lap lane. We did lots of different strokes, including breaststroke, backstroke and regular stroke.
all of which merits four servings of lunch.

7/12: Kenya Kika AA from Hansa. Gymnastics class. An evening outing with J to Half-price Books, in search of treasure. The corpse reviver number two. Sunday, our first Cubs game. Noontime drive to the end of the Skokie Flier, to the red line down to Wrigleville. The good guys lost, but I hear that’s happened before.

7/19 and 7/26: We travel to points abroad for a gen-u-ine family summer vacation!  Some photos are published here.