Weekend notes, October

10/4: No swimming on Saturday, on account of the holiday, so we met friends at the orchard to pick a peck of golden Ds, stopping in at Hansa to warm up from the mid-40s with a gaggle of kids-sized hot chocolates.  A great day, then, for house chores, general tidying and rehash of the laundry room.  Concorde grapes, jammed.  Peaches, buttered.  Pie pumpkin, roasted.  Cookies cookied.  Sunday, more house chores.  Guatamala Piedra Azul, smooth and a bit bitter – good for weekday mornings. A naptime (and beyond) first game of Agricola with young J.  (Come to think of it, we’d tried Taluva on Saturday; we’re gong to run out of new ideas in the game cabinet soon.)  Hand-tilling of the side-yard (i.e. sunflower) bed for garlics, followed by digging of holes (by E), careful planting and covering the cloves (by me), and “ooOOooh!” behind me as L discovered a few earthworms and, I then noticed, recovered many of the freshly-positioned garlics.  For reference in the springtime, the cloves made it back into the ground; we know not which variety where.


10/11: Saturday, morning swim lessons (S and the L). Sunday, a morning-to-afternoon excursion to the Museum of Science & Industry. What did we remember that evening?
L: Horn! [i.e. the lightning warning alarm in the weather exhibit]
E: One of them was the [historic, racing] cars. We went to the coal mine; the thing I liked best was riding on the coal mine train. We watched the ball going through the ball machine.

I liked the ball machine, designed for the Swiss tourism bureau, too. It was a different arrangement than the one they sent to Vancouver in 1986.

List of squashes we ate this week

10/18: Saturday morning, Bittman’s overnight waffles. Swim. Whole-house dusting to Supertramp’s pre-1980 discography.  An afternoon train ride to the Highwood Pumpkin Festival.  (Train ride there: 3:27-3:30; train ride back: 4:31-4:34. Just about right for the extent of entertainment available, including each carving a pumpkin.)

J is experimenting with his oil pastels.  He requested to photograph it four times during the process in order to make the following collage.  (Gimp for perspective correction and brightness balancing, then into Picasa for the quick concatenation.)


Sunday, a guatemalan from Hansa, pressed with a 1:30 bloom and 3:45 brew.  Our go-to scones (i.e. “butter for breakfast”).  A crisp and sunny outing to Sunset Woods for the Community School fall celebration.

10/25: There must have been a weekend here. I wonder what we did?