Weekend notes, November

11/8: Saturday late awakening, following the Friday afternoon arrival from NRT. Morning leaf-raking (round three, fight!) with thing 2 and thing 3. Afternoon disc golf sprint with everybody, at Larry Fink park.

Sunday morning trip to LPZ. Favorite sightings,
E: Meercats
L: Peacocks (i.e. all large, colorful birds)
Grandma J: the pygmy hippo
Moi: Exotic birds flocking around us while the zookeeper opened a tupperware of grubs
Wifey: the Tawny Frogmouth

11/15: An early morning departure (and late afternoon arrival) from Seattle, i.e. land of many coffees.  (Best coffees? Storyville, Works, Monorail.  Best food? Radiator.)  Visitors from Bay Village and takeout barbecue (from RUB, of course) for supper.  Sunday, a walk through the light snowfall to Lincoln School for Pancake Day.  In the afternoon, with E to a peer’s bowling/slash/birthday party at The Alley.

11/22: An ordinary weekend, so far as I remember.  We’ve nearly exhausted the game cabinet with mister-no-age-restrictions taking on RFTG.


Contents of the game cabinet

  • Quarriors
  • Catan, knights and Catan Jr.
  • Agricola
  • Bohnanza
  • Ra
  • Power Grid
  • Pandemic and Forbidden Island
  • Lost Cities
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Race for the Galaxy and expansions
  • Puerto Rico
  • Carcassonne, River and T.C.
  • Sorry, Quirkle, Monopoly, Risk and various kid games

11/26: An early start to the weekend, with a Wednesday evening arrival of Anne from the 216. Thurday morning, both of us to the North Short Turkey Trot 10k, a decision that would haunt my quads and adductors for days to come. Food and coffee and food and coffee. After a cheeseboard lunch, a round of frolf with J and E at the sledding hill park while S and Anne chopped and cooked and chopped and cooked.

Friday, dinner at Publican. For the record, the three of us shared some assorted charcuterie: the headcheese was my favorite, pork pie also impressive, pate eech; a salad with persimmon, avocado and toasted quinoa; roasted squash, acorn and some others with a little molasses; clam fry, i.e. basket of lightly fried clams, cheese curds and onions; pork belly; roasted duck; squishing it all in with a bread pudding and last year’s Boubon County stout on draft. (It’s not as much food as it sounds like.) (On second thought, maybe it was.)