Training 2016-Jan

In 2015, some running, here and there; one charity 5k, 25:16 and 9/50 AG.  Some biking, here and there; 463 commuting miles.  (Once upon a time, that would have been $90 of gas money.  Now it’s not enough electricity bill to cover bike brake pads)  TRX class, yoga, boot camp at work.  Just enough TRX and bootcamp in order to survive intro classes at the local CrossFit.

I still need a spreadsheet setup in order to own my data sufficiently.  (And, exercise is all about data provenance.)  Until then, notes, here,  Edit, all spreadsheeted.  First 15 crossfits, which means PRs for everything!  I’m starting to learn how much weight to lift up at a time, which may make watching the summer olympics more fun.  Caveat: I think I was too oxygen-addled on several of these to sum the weight, so let’s call them all ±20.  (Note: \pm character found using the very useful ShapeCatcher site.)

  • Deadlift: 265 (215)
  • Snatch: 105 (95)
  • Front squat:
  • Back squat: 185 (135)
  • Overhead squat: 95
  • Bench press: 170 (145)
  • Shoulder press: 95 (75)
  • Clean: 165 (145)
  • C&J: 145 (105)
  • Push Jerk: 155 (95)

Plus, a 1/31 bike ride on the luxury-bike, 20-mi loop to Lake Bluff.  41 and rainy with some residual ice and snow on the corners.  Now I hope I can find the photo I took of luxury bike leaning up against the shop-loaner BMW I was driving a while back.

Edit: found!