Cleveland ten miler 2010

For my first race number since Thanksgiving, I ran the Hermes Cleveland 10-miler on Saturday.  The route changed last year from downtown streets to an Edgewater Park start (just west of downtown) with a westward out-and-back.  The route was pleasant enough for a 1D course (and with a nice loop down at the end to finish on the lower level of Edgewater), but I maintain that a race called the “Cleveland” something should use urban streets.  Strike one.  Strike two: instead of the Brooks tech tee giveaway in previous years, someone sold out to Adidas.  I mourn the loss of the best souvenir race shirt around.  There was no third, however: the weather was cool and only slightly rainy, the race was well-organized with good route support, and the sold-out field of 1700 just about the right size.

[Route map: gps track imported from Garmin to SportTracks, displayed using Google Earth.]

I’ve been riding some but running almost none; I ran this one with Andrew C. (with whom I also ran much of the 2008 race) at a conversational pace and managed pretty steady splits (aside from a slow first mile stuck in the crowd and faster final mile with a moderate downhill): first five miles in 43:46 and second five in 43:36.

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