Twilight Trail Run 2008

On 8/14, I joined the local Twilight Trail Run, an 8-km, moderately-hilly trail route. It’s halfway between an actual race and an after-work jogging party. There are numbers and a clock, but the start is a fun stagger by age (with bumps in exchange for small charity donations) and you receive a can of domestic on your way through the finish chute. It was a nice chance to say hi to numerous folks I’d met or seen at various training groups throughout the summer.

The route is the same year-to-year, so I thought it provided a nice benchmark.

This year: 39:08 (7:53 pace, 59th/160)
Last year: 44:01 (8:52 pace)

It was a little cooler this year, but still humid, so I’ll chalk up the improved time to my increased level of awesomeness.

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