Lorain sprint 2010

Sunday in Lorain, OH.  My first (only) tri this year, and it felt great to pin a race number on again.

Swim course changed to inside the breakwall.  (A typical risk for a late-August event; the Coast Guard didn’t want to scrape too many bodies off the rocks.)  Too-shallow punctuated by sections of big rollers between the wall segments.  But, a sprint swim is just a formality.

T1 1:31.  No socks or shirt today.  Felt slow coming up from the beach, probably not helped by the long running-swim exit (think: Hasselhoff).

Bike 39:26.  Shoes on before mount, but buckled at speed.  Feet out of shoes on bike.  14.3 mi @ 21.8 mph.  I used my imaginary aerobars for a good bit of the downhill; next season might be time to relieve my sore elbows with a set of clip-ons.  T2 1:05.

Run 25:19, 5k @ 8:09/mi.  Out-and-back from the park through mostly industrial lakefront to more industrual area along the Black River.  An almost-nice finish with a downhill, run along the boardwalk (pictured below), and steep uphill path to the finish line.  Wait, is that the finish line?  No, those are the swim mats: please make a 90-degree turn around this cone and *then* run ten more paces to the finish.  Honestly, who throws their shoe?

Lorain’s Lakeview Park has pretty nice facilities; a long boardwalk above the beach, some sort of restaurant, and a big rose garden to boot.  The transition are was small and manageable, with plenty of room for the 150-or-so racers.

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