City Fresh 19

A few more peppers: some very sweet bells, mild yellow or green things.  An onion and a garlic (another nice-looking unidentified hardneck; should we plant it too?); cilantro, savoy and plebeian cabbages.  Beets with astounding greens.  Mixed other greens, an acorn squash, big carrots and an eggplant.  Spuds and sweet spuds.  Another apple butter, now a staple of Junior’s fall breakfast routine.  The track playing on the kitchen radio doesn’t require explanation, because it follows internet rule #272-C: if you can google it, I don’t need to cite.

The basket on the right is some of the season’s final backyard harvest (not pictured, a giant and very spicy arugula).  That’s 10.7 lb of mostly-green tomatoes, a half-dozen cukes, a useful eggplant some miniature ones.  And, a couple dozen jalapeños, which have since been poppered and happily consumed.

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