Camera-phone photos in the dark at concerts?  I know, even before camera phones, pics at concerts never turned out well.  (Can you spot me in this photo?  No?  That’s okay.)  Nonetheless, I had a friend give it a shot, so to speak.

There was no color information there anyway, so I let Picasa pretend I was speaking in the 1880s.  Note the audience’s transfixion, courtesy my stunning Powerpoint skillset.  The fifteen-minute talk felt very similar to eighth-grade band solo contest: hours of nervous energy beforehand, then autopilot home.  I was apparently more relaxed during the Q&A.

Though I’m pretty sure I received the best press reviews from Knoxville’s independent press last weekend, this guy played a nice banjo ditty too.

Then, in the pickup bar to the chorus, the curtain launches open, spots turn on, and it’s shout harmony, dueling drum kits and hipster tromboning, oh my!

I know, concert camera phone, yada.  But, some of the best indie baroque space dance pop I’ve heard in years.

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