Out of memory error

I’ve been experimenting with the Forerunner‘s fixed one-second sampling mode for improved total-elevation gain accuracy.  (The alternative is to have the device only record a track point when some value changes significantly.)  Leaving it set that way, however, apparently causes it to start deleting a track from the beginning (FIFO?) when it gets too long for the available memory.

So, I have a very detailed track of the last two-thirds of yesterday’s ride, the aptly-named Sunday in June.  Sighted: nine hundred and twelve cows, two hundred and two Amish locals, a thousand pickup trucks and one gun store.  Also, one dramatic front blowout, three moderately-dramatic broken spokes and a very undramatic collision.  65 miles, about 4 hours, +2800’ using the elevation correction (lookup) on ridewithgps.

Google Earth view with, um, nearby towns for reference.  There’s some way to show the altitude and drop plumb lines to ground level, such that the track looks like a roller coaster, but I’ve forgotten how.

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