City Fresh 8

Entering the season of large pickups.  (As defined: when I put the bags into the trunk of the Burley, it and the two boys tip backwards.)

Peppers: green bell (flavorless), cubanelles (superb), an assortment of skinny and wide light green ones.  Large tomatoes.  Medium tomatoes.  Small tomatoes.  Zucchinis, yellow squashes, thin eggplants.  Red potatoes, pattypan, chard and an onion.  Herbs and other herbs.  A half dozen still-pretty-tart apples.  A pound of green beans, an onion and red leaf and boston lettuces.  A watermelon that, upon inspection, was yellow.

Pictured with the tail end of this year’s Monster, and selected desserts from the newly opened Luna Bakery & Cafe.

For those keeping score at home (I am), that’s about a buck and a quarter per item (if, say, a pound of potatoes is an item) -competitive with stuff stored on the grocer’s shelves, I think.  (Our grocery store trips consist of dairy, dried grains and decidedly non-local bananas.)


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