Ready for our close-up

… a photoessay documenting neighbourhood happenings.

We live on a small street.  Fourteen addresses by my count, and packed pretty closely together at that.  So, a big-studio movie crew moving in for a few days was pretty exciting.  It began harmlessly enough: suspicious folk in hats or beards, delivering very-early hallowe’en decor and, apparently, shrubberies.

Before long, there were child actors delivering lines on motortrikes.  (I’m not sure if these were for two different scenes, or if the crew got tired of pulling and used a trailer instead.  Or, maybe I am, and I’m sworn to secrecy.)

Exciting for neighborhood children to watch, nonetheless.

As the sun set, it was replaced by giant and well-lit screens outside the windows, for continuing work on interior scenes.

And, a variety of lighting scenarios for outdoor (night-time) scenes.  I wonder where we can rent some of these diffuse globes for our next block party?


Finally, an unusual view of the street, upon returning from dog-walking.

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