River Run 2011

A one-way (generally Northbound), organized half-marathon on the west side.  In the view following, downtown Cleveland is in the upper left.  Hopkins is near the route (though one wouldn’t know from the course).

Northbound also means an overall elevation drop: about 170′, although between the intermittent ups and downs (I recorded +360, -530) and annoyingly cambered sweepers, this was not an easy race on the lower eighths.

For me, in at 1:53 (an 8:37/mi average pace) and 312/900 overall (32/56 AG).  The last two miles were a good and painful push at that.  (Mantra: running slower will make it hurt longer.  Mantra should have been: there’s Mitchell’s at the end!)  As a super-bonus, the missus and I both got to run this one, sans stroller.  I felt like a streamlined butterfly.

Finally, a suspiciously-low-resolution action shot.  Um, I’m the taller one.  Cheers.

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