Banana Bread

This morning’s first coffee attempt met limited success. 20g of fresh-ground Kenyan peaberry made it into the press, which I soaked with 200^oF water and left for a few seconds. Next, one of my offspring (I don’t remeber which one) did something that almost certainly would have incinerated our vintage colonial (I don’t remember what), and ten minutes later I added the balance of the water. Rather, a full L, having forgotten that I’d ground with the intent of a half. We’ll call it a French Press Americano, and it costs extra.

Try #2 was more conventional, 40g/L at 3:45 with a stir. Little threat of home incineration. And, it comes with oven-fresh banana bread.

In the kitchenaid:
70g butter (by weight, because I needed to carve some off of a 2-lb brick), melty
a shy cup of sugar
brown bananas (I had 4 medium ones, fridge temp)
3 eggs
3/8c plain yogurt
then pile the dries atop: 1c each of AP and WW flours, 1t each of soda and powder, nutmeg, 1/2t salt
-mix to combine-
a good handful of nuts (we had Durham’s pecans on hand)

Into a buttered loaf pan (is this a 9×5?), 350 for about an hour.

To wash: mixer, butter-melting bowl, measuring spoon, nutmeg grater, spatula, preschool-aged assistant.

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