Winter hangs on, in a twenty-knots-to-remind-you-that-this-pig-didn’t-build-a-brick-house kind of way. Another Sunday, another simmering afternoon.

Chili, of the both-beef-and-beans variety.

Oil to cover the bottom of the soup pot. One big onion, sliced and softened. Add a metric boatload of garlic, since the stuff from fall harvest has run out and you had to pick up the flavorless, grocery-store stuff, and beef. My kit is ill-equipped to grind, so we voxelize isotropically a medium sirloin. Add and brown. Therewhilst, toast and grind one recipesworth of Bittman’s chili powder. I left out the cayenne, favoring my dainty palate.


Smear the spice mix into the meaty onions and stir to coat, then add the simmerings: a cup of stock, a cup of pureed tomatoes, a healthy splash of cider vinegar. Cooked lowly and slowly, perhaps an hour before adding beans (a 15 of kidneys and a 15 of cannolinis) and loadsa green bell pepper. A bit of salt. Ready when it feels ready.

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