New commute

Old commute, 2 miles, -198 ft. elevation.  New commute, 13 miles, net -2 ft. elevation (although there is a low point at -50′ and a high point at +10′).

The ride is nominally westward, and there are various ways to pass the requisite checkpoints: in order – crossing the Skokie Highway, the freight line, the MD-N commuter line, interstate 94 and the Des Plaines river.  Depending on the route, some (but not all) of those can be made relatively stress-free and dry.

Here’s what my bike saw  at the Skokie, MD-N and Des Plaines today.

3 2 photo


Photo update: riding home, across the same train tracks.  Even at modest, approach-path speed, a moving train is an impressive creature.


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