Squash court dimensions

I can’t ever remember these, and (as of 2006) wasn’t able to easily find them on the internets.

International court (World Squash Federation spec (WSF)) vs North American Singles (US Squash Racquets Assoc. (USSRA)). USSRA specifies in English units, which I’ve converted to SI for ease of comparison.


Dimension USSRA WSF
Width (W) 5.64m 6.4m
Length (L) 9.75m 9.75m
Height: front 4.88m 4.57m
H: back 1.98m 2.13m
H: tin 43cm 48cm
H: serve line 1.98m 1.78m
L: return box 3.05m 4.26m
Serve box 1.37m (arc radius) 1.60m (square)

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