Weekend notes, October

10/4: No swimming on Saturday, on account of the holiday, so we met friends at the orchard to pick a peck of golden Ds, stopping in at Hansa to warm up from the mid-40s with a gaggle of kids-sized hot chocolates.  A great day, then, for house chores, general tidying and rehash of the laundry room.

Weekend notes, July

7/4: Toast and RCS blend.  Morning parade-watching in town, followed by lunch and the Fourth Fest with bouncy tents and pony rides for all.  Afternoon play, collaborative supper of poached eggs and CSA kale on cornmeal waffles, and backyard calvinball.  Late-night fireworks adventures as J and S set up in the Target parking lot, and

Weekend notes, June

6/7: Mid-morning visitors from Rocky River, early-afternoon bike riding and climbering at Sunset Woods. Grand discussions of the hole in our garage roof, who should repair it and how, at the short-term expense of State Farm.  Afternoon flight to St. Louis. Should I have taken Amtrak? Yes. Sunday, flomming around the arched city in my

Weekend notes, May

5/3: Dirt. Also, Hansa Ethiopian. More dirt! A baker’s four yards, wheelbarrowed down the neighbors’ driveway, across the hostas and down to the back 40. The Fitzgerald & Pass albums, to exercise the new 1.7/4BST setup (still sans furniture). Sunday, outside play and delivery of the balance of the dirtpile to neighbors’ ground under repair.

Weekend notes, April

4/00: One of the authors is lain up with ebola.  Or maybe a cold.  The rest of us spend the weekend ploughing through fall overgrowth in the back 40 like Ozymandias through butter. 4/12: Saturday morning, a Guatemala Asobagri from Hansa.  Note to self: when in doubt, do not purchase central american coffees.  Swim lessons

Weekend notes, March

3/08: Friday evening pool practice: only 16 minutes worth before 7:00 close, but enough to wear things 1 and 2 for bedtime. Saturday morning with a press pot of Metropolis Falstaff and spring cleaning. It’s well below freezing, but it hit forty yesterday. J swim lesson, and the first time I’ve seen him crawl with

Weekend notes, February

Swim lesson practise Friday 6:15-7:00. Swim lesson Saturday 11:05-11:35, after shoveling gobs of early morning powder out of the van’s path. Our street is among first and more frequent on the plowing list, so there’s no hope beating the plow-in. Sunday 10:30-11:30, swim lesson practise again. It’s a we-like-swimming week; not all weeks are. I