Out of memory error

I’ve been experimenting with the Forerunner‘s fixed one-second sampling mode for improved total-elevation gain accuracy.  (The alternative is to have the device only record a track point when some value changes significantly.)  Leaving it set that way, however, apparently causes it to start deleting a track from the beginning (FIFO?) when it gets too long

Winter training

From BikeSnobNYC‘s column (this month’s Bicycling, I assume, though I don’t see a date anywhere on the page): It’s hard to keep track of what constitutes acceptable cross-training for cycling because fitness trends are as fickle as Cadel Evans’s mood ring. Cross-country skiing is widely recognized as an effective technique, but this requires skis, poles

errand brick

Saturday morning.  In the mood for a tasty breakfast bread.  So, I rode my bike (fig. 1 blue path; 37 mi @ 17.1 mph). A rooster lives on the way; I don’t know if he crows continuously or only at cyclists, but he’s never failed to crow at me.  Also, some nice Cervelos headed downhill

Sweet corn ride 2010

For this year’s sweet corn ride, I took a different approach than in previous years.  Namely, we registered for the 10-mile, ostensibly police-escorted “family ride”.  The roads weren’t closed to traffic, but there was enough of a critical mass effect that I didn’t mind trailering the kids through the streets of greater Richfield. J particularly


I have a photo of vegetables to post, alerting me that I’ve written nothing since last Tuesday. Two personal bests last week. The first, a high speed record, breaking the 75 km/h barrier. Actually, my gps screen read 48.2 when I looked down, but SI sounds more impressive. Yes, I was on two wheels and

weekend ride redux

On Saturday, we repeated our home-made century route from last summer.  This time, 4 of us started together, incrementing to 6 for much of the ride – a very nicely sized group, and almost competent enough for bursts of pelotonized practice.  No complaints about the weather: t-storms cleared before our 6:05 start and the heat

CAA Ride 2010

On Saturday I joined the Case Alumni Association’s annual 100-km ride.  (An aside: the CAA represents the engineering school and physical sciences, but there’s another group covering the balance of the arts and sciences.  But, they don’t have a bike ride.) The official route started on campus, beelined east toward more interesting terrain, looped through