City Fresh 16 & 17


Plants.  The carrots are plentiful and particularly fresh-tasting.  Few designs on those fall squashes starting to pile up, given that the baby-food production line is mothballed this time around.

More plants.  Nothing particularly unusual, except for that head of cauliflower’s unusual deliciousness when roasted whole.

In related news, we also steamed up some young soy, fresh off the plant.  Tasty, healthy, and pretty cheap once the farmer defers the cost of removing the pods from the stalks to the consumer.  And, they garner a few funny glances on the return trip on market morning.


City Fresh 11 through 15, inclusive

I lost count.  But, we have some veggies in the “photo triage” drawer.

Reading across, these are the piles (minus what we steal to get Tuesday supper started) for August 23 and 30, September 6, 13 and 20.

The sixth panel is an artifact of this WordPress uploader / gallery tool.  (I.e. I couldn’t figure out how to remove it.)  You might note that it represents the other food group, and I will use it in a future post which I will backdate to appear as an immediately-past post.

These days, the corn are fat, tomatoes beginning.  Large beets and spuds.  Concorde grapes, sugary apples, water- and musk-melon.  The larger squashes just arriving (I see an ‘extra pie pumpkin’ option for next week).


City Fresh 10

This week, a race to the top on the front stoop.  In the lead, a pattypan and some carrots.  Thin eggplant, thick eggplant, zucchini, a cabbage, a cantaloupe-like melon and an onion.  A suspiciously large acorn squash.  A half dozen large tomatoes, a grand assortment of peppers including a couple of big ivory-colored flamingos.  Basil and something (parsley?), leafy lettuce, kale two ways and a box of tomatillos.

Yup, tomatillos.  Salsa shark time.

City Fresh 9

Today’s take seemed smaller than the list indicated.

Clockwise from two o’clock: hot peppers and still-a-bit-tart applies; toms and a garlic; cuke and cabbage; herb; herb; zucc and melon; kales and beans; eggplants and an onion; pattypan, a pint [*] of blackberries and a phalanx of what I would call pear tomatoes.  Bibb at the origin.

[*] It did look like a pint when we picked it off the distribution table.  I had company from E for a 5-miler tempo run with the veggie pickup near the end.

(The jogger is a pickup fixture; it comes along almost every week, in front of me or behind the bike.  I’m okay being Burley guy; I do not want to be short-shorts guy, so I’m careful with my running outfits.)

But I digress.  The point is, I just don’t know what happened to the other half of the blackberries.

A postscript: this shot reminds me how happy I am to be shooting with a half-sized sensor (as opposed to a miniature digital sensor… I’m sure I’d be even happier with full-frame) for the depth-of-field.  This, with the G2 and ~25 mm focal length.  (I liked the looming-head look, so although the bags are still too in-focus, I think the contrast between subject’s right side and the distant background draws.  Five or six shots of the same composition in rapid succession, just to avoid blinks.)

City Fresh 8

Entering the season of large pickups.  (As defined: when I put the bags into the trunk of the Burley, it and the two boys tip backwards.)

Peppers: green bell (flavorless), cubanelles (superb), an assortment of skinny and wide light green ones.  Large tomatoes.  Medium tomatoes.  Small tomatoes.  Zucchinis, yellow squashes, thin eggplants.  Red potatoes, pattypan, chard and an onion.  Herbs and other herbs.  A half dozen still-pretty-tart apples.  A pound of green beans, an onion and red leaf and boston lettuces.  A watermelon that, upon inspection, was yellow.

Pictured with the tail end of this year’s Monster, and selected desserts from the newly opened Luna Bakery & Cafe.

For those keeping score at home (I am), that’s about a buck and a quarter per item (if, say, a pound of potatoes is an item) -competitive with stuff stored on the grocer’s shelves, I think.  (Our grocery store trips consist of dairy, dried grains and decidedly non-local bananas.)


City Fresh 7

This week, the biggest okra and smallest melon to date.  Pattypan, zucchini and yellow squash.  Big cuke, little cukes, little tomatoes and lettuce.  A plethora of beans.  Mixed greens (chard, chard, chard).  Basil and fennel.  Medium-sized, medium-spicy yellow peppers, a green bell and a garlic.  Large, juicy blackberries.  Onions.  Eggplants.

Also pictured, nonsequitur evening snack feat. chocolate chips and pecans.  It seemed like the easiest way to get some red on the right side of the photo, to balance those toms.  I used the ratios from Cookulus, and they turned out too sugary.  As punishment (to the cookies), I ate several.


City Fresh 6

This week in vegetables.  (Looking for weeks 4 and 5?  We were enjoying local produce in other locales, so our fortunate friends ate their way through the peak of berry season.)

Cukes, an onion and a pint or so of small tomatoes.  Two small kohlrabi (the first of the season); paired with those tart-tasting apples they’ll make a swell slaw.  A pattypan squash and two yellow and two green zucchinis.  Lettuces, b-e-a-utiful early beets, garlic, kale.  Thin, purple eggplants (consumed today, grilled and on pizza) and many handfuls of green beans.  And that cabbage, hiding in the middle.

This week last year we had potatoes, carrots and sweet corn.  Corn!  Everything I’ve seen this year is thigh-high at best, but in this weather it’ll explode soon.

The backyard garden is taking off, too.  Green fruits on the smaller varieties of tomato plans and lots of squash blossoms, but only leafy stuff a-harvested (lettuces, dark greens and loadsa herbs).  Correction, one garlic up and hanging in the cellar.  (Maybe I should hang it outside.  Is a hundred and eighty-seven freaking degrees too hot for them?)

Here, some spinach and chard from last night’s crop.  (See those color-coordinated cookbooks?  That’s me being a fancy food blogger.  Take that, Cooking the Crate!)


City Fresh 3

The shapes seemed more interesting than the colors this week.

No pickups for a couple of weeks here, as I’ll be hunting for all things fresh & local in the Cowichan Valley, or thereabouts.  I’ll ask our veggie-sitters to photo their takes.

And, a boule of multigrain with a whole lotta cornmeal (and grits), which accompanied the salad made from much of the above.  Yum.

City Fresh 2

Compare to this week, last year.

Today, lettuces leaf and romaine; little reddish onions, a young garlic, some variety of pea in large pods, scapes, a syrup, strawberries, more strawberries, kale.  Popcorn!  A handful of pickling-sized cucumbers; mint, oregano and hyssop.  You know, hyssop: several species of herbaceous or semi-woody plants in the family Lamiaceae, natives of the Mediterranean and Asia. [1]

Onward.  Or, as it is, diagonalward.

City Fresh 1

Our CSA of choice is rolling, after a cold and rainy start to the growing season.  Let’s see what 2011, week 1, has brought.

Three pints of delicious sub-inch strawberries, to begin.  Holy moly; I’d forgotten what a fresh, ripe strawberry tastes like, in comparison to the giant off-red things we get from California.

Garlic scapes (as if the dozen-for-a-dollar from the Saturday market, or the dozen more ready for harvest from our garden weren’t enough), but also a satchel of mint and a recipe for scape-mint pesto.  Groovy.

A smallish bok choy and some largish leaf lettuces; a bag of cornmeal (?), a maple syrup, apple butter and a huckleberry jam.  I would have preferred a box of huckleberries, but perhaps they’re a fall crop.

We missed the first week of last season, but comparing to next week, last year, the season is indeed off to a slow start.