Subscripts in ppt

I just reduced the number of mouse clicks in my workday by 5% by noticing that Ctrl-= and Ctrl-+ can be used to switch to subscript and superscript, respectively. A space returns to normal formatting.

(Disclaimer: I apologize for the dumbing-down of the world via Powerpoint, but sometimes it’s the easiest way to claim to have done work (and not in general for using M$ products, although on the occasion that I’m creating a non-persistent presentation, OO does just fine).)

TeX-style input in Word 2007

I’m stuck using MS Word for some collaborative tasks. I recently learned that the 2007 version allows limited TeX-format input in the equation editor. (OpenOffice has had this feature for a while, but I find its equation editor clunky too.) This makes it much faster to type inline equations. While editing text, [Alt]+ inserts an equation. Then, type some simple TeX. For example, typing this

Here's an inline example: {[Alt]+} R_1=R_0 e^(R_0 tau )

results in a semi-competently formatted equation.
Alas, still not as pretty as rendering it from the Tex and pasting a graphic in to the Word document. ┬áSome extra strikes of the spacebar are required to force the right combinations (which we’d normally do with {}). Here’s an article on this from 2006. I’m a late adopter.