Perhaps this is actually a food photography blog, and no one told me. Here, a trilogy of summer bread-baking notes.  First, corn grits make for a beautiful, stew-dipping texture. This boule was baked in the 7-qt Le Creuset (or, rather le 7-qt creuset?), because when you have a pot like that, you use it for


A “recipe” I’ve been asked about more than once, so I’ll write it down.  This is for a press pot: I like fat Indonesian from a shaggy Ohioan in our 8-cup Brazil. Heat water. When nearly whistling, coarsely grind 2/3c [*] beans (third-coarsest setting out of 16 on our machine). Pour grinds into press.  Take

Basic bread

Our standby these days.  Free of dairy and egg. 2c water, tap-hot 1T yeast 1/4c olive oil 1/4c honey or molasses 2t salt 5-6c flour, 2c of which wheat bloom yeast in water rise on the dining room radiator in an oiled bowl until half an hour before {lunch, dinner}; two rises at 60+40 works