I’ve repainted my main page (still without any significant content); but, I’m partway toward my goal of having a basic personal webpage with a semi-integrated blog. In lieu of integrated blog/page co-publishing (like WordPress or Movable type would offer), I hacked together similar styles in Blogger and my main.css.

A simple gradient-filled png (underlying my blog title at the top of the page) is 336k. Ouch! I can turn on compression when I save it in Gimp, but it compresses some of the gradient levels to some visual effect. Maybe each of the small number of people who view the page will cache it, or maybe everyone has so much bandwidth these days that it doesn’t matter… and, after all that effort to remove the little round-corner gifs present in the default blogger template.

The new scheme is light-on-dark (looks better on 3/4 of my regular monitors; the Dell Ultrasharp renders dark-on-light competently):
text light (#ceebeb)
highlights light blue (#1e90ff)
text background very dark blue-green (#222d2d)
page bg slightly-lighter blue-green (#293838)